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We know that many companies in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and infrastructure face major challenges. We also know how to best solve these and how to support small and medium-sized companies to multinational corporations in their daily development. That’s because effective solutions involve far more than just selecting and installing the software. Within our BIM consulting service, we specialise in implementing solutions with the capacity to meet the current and future business objectives of your company. And we’ll do it on time and within budget.

Symetri BIM Consulting services within Building & Infrastructure include:

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Introducing the Symetri Construction Team

At Symetri, we've always focused on the Construction sector and helping our customers work smarter within this space, however with it being crucial to the long-term success of the economy, we now felt it was time to make it one of our key strategic initiatives with its own dedicated team.

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Naviate Architecture

Naviate Architecture is a 1-day training course aimed at Revit Architecture users who are looking to increase their productivity and make their design process more efficient. The course focuses on the key Naviate workflows and features to demonstrate ...

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