FEA Made Easy.

As a designer and Engineer, we can spend a significant amount of our time trying to get our original CAD data ready for FEA studies

FEA Made Easy.

This typically entails suppressing non-structural parts, suppressing features like holes and bolted connections and in extreme cases remodelling.

This is particularly true for welded and bolted fabrications including sheet metal and structural frame type components. All this is required to make the meshing process as smooth as possible in addition to keeping element numbers sufficiently low to enable faster FEA run times.

To enable us to make rapid informed design decisions, ‘Time is Money! All this can impact the success of FEA adoption within the design workplace and simply boils down to the ability of FEA software to reuse CAD data as it is.

So, in short, taking out geometry simplification and meshing can significantly make the FEA process simple and easy to use, making it a lot easier for designers and engineers to adopt FEA in their workplace to make optimised and innovative products.

SimSolid is a game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. It eliminates geometry preparation and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise-extensive, and error-prone tasks performed in a conventional structural simulation.

Read our customer reference where we explain how our customer Pentre Engineering has introduced SimSolid to their design process and is achieving super-fast structural analysis in their designs and what took them 3-4 days of effort is now reduced to a matter of hours.

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