From point solution to unified platform – Is Autodesk Build taking Plangrid to the next level?

The new Autodesk Build and Autodesk Takeoff modules on the Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform are here!

From point solution to unified platform – Is Autodesk Build taking Plangrid to the next level?

Autodesk Build incorporates the best functionality from both Plangrid and BIM 360 Build providing a leading field management solution on top of Autodesk Docs.

This presents a great opportunity for existing Plangrid customers to gain access to a great deal more functionality and value from a more extensive solution.

So how did we end up here?

Following the release of the iPad, Plangrid’s founders saw the opportunity to maximise this field-fit mobile technology for the construction industry. Since 2011, Plangrid have been providing an industry leading field management solution for all those involved in the construction process. The idea was to make technology so intuitive and impactful, that people in construction actually wanted to use it.

Having recognised the value and benefits of the Plangrid solution in 2018, Autodesk announced its plans to buy Plangrid for $875million. This marked another serious step from Autodesk in their bid to ‘connect workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximise efficiency, and increase profits.’*

What are the key additional benefits and how do existing Plangrid customers take advantage of them?

Plangrid is recognised as industry leading due to its ease of use, site-worker focused design and ability to provide lightning-fast access to the relevant drawings and data for everybody on site. This is why large parts of the technology and user interface from Plangrid have been adopted in the new Autodesk Build solution. The upgrade is seen as evolution and not revolution for all Plangrid customers, bringing more without losing what they have.

There is a simple migration path for existing Plangrid customers with the ability to trade in existing Plangrid licenses, for new Autodesk Build licenses, which will also give users access to Autodesk Docs, insights, and some additional project and cost management functionality. Upgrading to Autodesk Build brings huge benefits for the following reasons:

  • Autodesk Build provides construction teams with a single solution for project management, quality, safety, cost and close-out by connecting data, workflows and teams in one highly configurable environment
  • Features a large model viewer, including 3D model viewing, with sectioning views etc.
  • All BIM model data is available through the viewable model.
  • The solution is built on top of the all-new Autodesk Docs platform - a centralised document management solution that can act as the single source of truth across the project lifecycle for all teams
  • Integrates fully with Autodesk BIM Collaborate and the newly released Autodesk Takeoff module (new 2D & 3D estimating tool).

In short, yes, Build is taking Plangrid to the next level, but Autodesk are keen to ensure the ease of use, site-worker focused design and lightning-fast access that have made Plangrid so popular are not lost as a result of the migration.

If you would like to understand more about Autodesk Build, please join the next session of our #WorkSmarterWednesdays webinar series on 5th May where Symetri Construction will be providing an overview of the new solution.

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