MicroDrainage to InfoDrainage licensing changes

The InfoCare to Subscription (I2S) Programme is a multi-year programme, which commenced on May 7th 2023. It is an initiative by Autodesk to encourage MicroDrainage customers to transition to the InfoDrainage subscription. As a MicroDrainage user, you will have the opportunity to transition to InfoDrainage when your current licence expires in October 2023.

MicroDrainage to InfoDrainage licensing changes

I2S Programme Explanation

The I2S programme provides a pathway for users of Innovyze perpetually licenced products with InfoCare agreements or floating Innovyze subscriptions to migrate to Autodesk subscriptions. By making this transition, you will gain access to the latest technology and product features, benefit from simple and straightforward packaging, and utilise the convenient subscription administration tools offered with all Autodesk subscriptions.

Under the I2S programme, you will have the option to trade in your fixed or floating licences covered under an InfoCare agreement, as well as floating Innovyze subscriptions, at the time of renewal. In exchange, you will receive a significant discount on an Autodesk subscription within the same product family until 2028. For each fixed licence traded in under InfoCare, you will be able to purchase one discounted subscription.

It's important to note that perpetual licence maintenance (InfoCare) will no longer be available for renewal after May 7th, 2024. Once your InfoCare contract expires after that date, your perpetual licences will no longer be covered under the InfoCare programme.


InfoDrainage Benefits

Now, let's explore some of the benefits of transitioning to InfoDrainage:

Advanced SuDS Design/Analysis Tools

InfoDrainage provides advanced tools for designing and analysing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that are not available in MicroDrainage. These features are essential for modern drainage design.

FEH22 Rainfall Model

Only InfoDrainage will incorporate the new FEH22 rainfall model, which won’t be available in MicroDrainage. This update ensures that you have access to the latest methodologies and standards in rainfall analysis.

Improved Speed and Accuracy

InfoDrainage comes with a new engine that enhances the software's speed while delivering improved accuracy. This improvement allows you to work more efficiently and effectively on drainage projects.

Continuous Feature Updates

InfoDrainage will receive all new feature updates, ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest advancements in drainage design. On the other hand, while MicroDrainage will be maintained, it will not receive further development.

Enhanced Integration with Civil 3D

The integration between InfoDrainage and Civil 3D has been improved to streamline design workflows and reduce rework. This integration allows for seamless collaboration between different design disciplines, saving time and effort.

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Financial Stability

From a financial stability standpoint, renewing your current InfoCare agreement for an additional twelve months is expected to come with a cost increase of over 20%. In contrast, the cost to transition to InfoDrainage will be discounted, and Autodesk has provided a pricing commitment until 2028 (See table below). This commitment ensures that the pricing for InfoDrainage will remain fixed or increase by 5% per year, providing predictability and financial security for the foreseeable future.









5% Increase


5% Increase




In conclusion, the InfoCare to Subscription (I2S) Programme offers MicroDrainage customers an attractive opportunity to transition to the InfoDrainage subscription. By making this transition, you can take advantage of advanced tools, improved speed and accuracy, continuous feature updates, and enhanced integration with Civil 3D. Additionally, the programme provides financial stability with discounted pricing and a pricing commitment until 2028.

If you would like to find out more about the I2S programme, or if you're looking renew your licences, please get in touch with us by completing the form on the right.



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