SketchUp Training – What to expect from Virtual Training

We offer our SketchUp Training courses, both the Essentials and Advanced, as a virtual course.

SketchUp Training – What to expect from Virtual Training

During this blog I would like to guide you through the experience of what it might look like.

Before the course
With the invitation for the course, you will receive a guide to help you connect to the session. Prior to the course start, you will also receive the materials for the course. These will help you follow the course and will also prove quite valuable for your future reference.

On the day
When you connect to the session, you will see an introductory slide and a timer to indicate when the session will start. Some music will be playing in the background for you to test your audio connection.

In the first minutes of the session, we start the course by making sure that everyone can hear each other clearly, so that you are ready to ask any questions that may arise during the course. I would then give some tips about the recommended setup and how to set up the different panels in your screens, in order for you to have the right menus available to provide feedback during the course (raise hand, use the green tick and the red cross buttons, and how to use the chat).

Both of the SketchUp Training courses are divided into two half-day sessions, divided into three 1-hour segments or four 45-minute segments allowing for breaks between the segments. Dividing the session into manageable portions can help keep you stay focused and alert throughout the course.

I will be introducing each topic, typically with a slide, and then show the concrete steps you need to follow in SketchUp to complete a task related to that topic. You can follow along at the same time on your side, which is why having a second screen is highly recommended. If you were able to complete all the steps and everything is clear, you can let me know using the green tick button. If you are struggling, you can raise your hand to let me know if you run into any difficulties or any questions you may have, and I will answer as needed until everyone is confident with what they have done.

Occasionally, I will ask you to complete a small exercise on your own for some further practice and to consolidate your knowledge. I will show the exercise on the shared screen or you can also find it in the manual if you prefer. I will allow enough time for you to finish and answer any questions that may arise. At the end, I will complete the exercise myself so that you can see the whole process again.

You can find an overview of what is covered in these SketchUp Training courses in the following:

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