Smarter Building Podcast Ep. 12 - The Path to Sustainable Building in Construction

In this episode of the Smarter Building podcast, our host Nicole Georgiou spoke with Panu Pasanen, CEO at One Click LCA, on the key topics surrounding sustainable construction, including the challenges the industry faces.

Smarter Building Podcast Ep. 12 - The Path to Sustainable Building in Construction

Tune in to hear how we can make it easier for the industry to improve its carbon performance in the built environment, the importance of investing in LCAs (Life Cycle Assessment) and the driving forces behind the creation of One Click LCA. The podcast emphasises the need for a shift in perspective, addressing the growing population's impact and real-world examples of One Click LCA's contributions to environmental optimisation. Find out how Finland are leading the way in this space, as Panu shares invaluable advice for professionals looking to incorporate sustainability into their projects.

"I think the most important thing to understand about the cost efficiency in low carbon construction is that you can achieve it even with cost reduction if you do it early enough..."

One Click LCA is a software tool used for sustainability and environmental analysis in various industries, particularly in construction and building design. Its primary purpose is to assess and quantify the environmental impact of buildings and construction projects throughout their entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to construction, operation, and eventual demolition or recycling.



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