Supporting the Building Safety Act with Oculo: A New Era in Construction Safety

The Building Safety Act, a pivotal piece of legislation, has been driving change in the construction industry, reshaping the way we approach safety in the built environment. This ground breaking act, introduced to ensure that residential buildings are safe for occupants presenting a new era in construction regulation and oversight. Oculo, an innovative platform, is set to play a significant role in supporting the Building Safety Act's implementation and enforcement, revolutionising how we capture data and evidence compliance on site.

The Building Safety Act in a Nutshell

The Building Safety Act, which took effect on the 1st of August 2021 in England, was conceived as a response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. This catastrophic event, which claimed 72 lives in 2017, exposed glaring deficiencies in building safety regulations. The act's overarching goal is to prevent such disasters by introducing robust safety measures and comprehensive regulatory reforms. 

Key provisions of the Building Safety Act include:

  1. Accountability: The act introduces the role of the Building Safety Manager, who is responsible for the safety of the building throughout its life cycle.
  2. Gateway Regime: A series of mandatory approvals at key stages of design, construction, and occupation will be required, ensuring that safety considerations are incorporated from the outset.
  3. Building Control: A new regulatory body, the Building Safety Regulator, will oversee building control functions and have the power to enforce safety standards.
  4. Information Management: A digital record, will be created for each high-rise residential building, housing critical information about the building's design, construction, and ongoing safety.

The Building Safety Act represents a concept shift in construction safety. It emphasises prevention rather than reaction, places greater accountability on those responsible for buildings, and mandates comprehensive safety records for each high-rise residential structure. This legislation is a giant leap toward ensuring the safety and well-being of residents, as well as restoring public trust in the construction industry.

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Oculo's Support for the Building Safety Act

Oculo, a cutting-edge 360-degree photogrammetry platform, is well-suited to support the Building Safety Act's objectives. By providing a collaborative centralised hub for construction data and imagery, Oculo enables stakeholders to monitor safety compliance at every stage of a project. It promotes transparency and accountability by ensuring that safety-related information is readily accessible and up to date. The always-on nature of the solution, ensures that site imagery is not missed or unclear which has been the case with traditional photography or written only information capture.


Symetri's Approach to the Building Safety Act

Symetri, a leading provider of digital solutions for the construction industry, recognises the pivotal role of Oculo in supporting the Building Safety Act. By integrating Oculo into the Autodesk Construction Cloud ecosystem, Symetri ensures that not only does the level of evidencing meet the required standards but provides rich data that drives improved safety and project delivery. This integration facilitates seamless information sharing and collaboration among project teams, helping them navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the Building Safety Act with confidence.


The Building Safety Act leads in a new era of construction safety and accountability, with Oculo and
Symetri playing pivotal roles in its successful implementation. As we move forward, it is crucial for construction professionals to embrace innovative tools and technologies that not only ensure regulatory compliance but also prioritise the safety and well-being of all building occupants. Together, we can build a safer and more resilient future for our communities.