Transition from Network / Multi-User licences to Autodesk ID licences | Part 5

Whitelist / Access requirements for Autodesk ID Subscription Licences

Transition from Network / Multi-User licences to Autodesk ID licences | Part 5

In the previous blogs we have looked at how to reset licences for installed applications and how Primary and Secondary Administrators can add users and assign product access in the Autodesk Account. Now we need to test user access to the Autodesk Licence Servers to confirm licences for the products assigned can be obtained.

To do this we need to identify a test user and ensure they have the products assigned to them in the contract managers’ account.

Using one of the methods in Part One or Part Two of this series of blogs, reset the licence on the test machine, open the product you have reset the licence for, select User Sign In as the licence method, Sign in with your Autodesk ID/email and password and see if it opens.

If when the test user signs in the product reports an error and asks you to Contact your administrator to request permission to use this product, make sure the Autodesk Account Primary or Secondary Admin has assigned the product you are trying to open to the test user.

If User Sign in is not showing as an option then the domains required for communication of the product with the Autodesk licence servers is blocked either by a software/hardware firewall, Proxy Server or Antivirus/intrusion protection software.

If it does open, as a final check, go to the dropdown menu below the username in the top right of the application window and select Manage Licence. Confirm that the licence method is User ID.

Autodesk login/Licence entitlement protocols and URLs below are required for access to User ID licences.

Both HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) protocols are required for the following URLs.

Licence and Login Domains

Third party Certificate download and verification sites

HTTP Protocol is required for the below domains:

* (Microsoft Certificate Revocation List)

Just as I mentioned in previous blogs, now is a good time to re-evaluate your software estate and users. Look in both the classic user interface and the By User interface and unassign any users who do not need access to the products, if they have left the company then you can remove them (remember you must unassign all products and services from them first).

When assigning users using the By User Interface make sure you have the team selected that includes the software you wish to assign to the user.

For more information on Transitioning to Named User, please have a look at our webpage here or please contact us on 0345 370 1444 or email

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