What is New In Autodesk Inventor 2023?

Autodesk has now released Inventor 2023. This version shows improvements driven by customer feedback by taking inspiration and ideas from the Inventor forum and feedback communities. This post covers:

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General Enhancements

A key focus of the new release is to connect workflows which, in turn, will provide a wider array of tools to all users. This has been aimed specifically at Fusion 360 allowing the tools and functionality of Fusion to be directly accessible within Inventor models.

The initial look and feel of the Inventor experience has changed with the introduction of a new home environment. This new clean interface will allow more natural navigation of the software and has removed many duplicated features.

Further general enhancements include the introduction of a new ray-tracing method. Aligning with the capability of new graphics cards this new function allows for GPU ray tracing. This uses a path tracing algorithm, which will allow renders to continue improving their quality indefinitely. It also uses physically based rendering principles allowing materials and lighting to represent a more realistic approach. An extra addition to the ray-tracing method is the noise reduction tool, this can be turned on or off before the render to remove the initial noise on the image. This whole process is going to drastically improve render quality and time.

Part Environment

In the part environment, there have been several updates, firstly tolerancing. The tolerancing dialogue is now directly accessible from the parameters dialogue box. Also changing tolerancing at a specific model state will allow for functionality tests and ensure components fit together. This new feature will also export to an XML file so data can be imported and exported between model sets.

Continuing in the part environment and a new tool has also been configured called ‘Mark’, this will sit under both the sheet metal and standard environments. This tool is going to help take features used for laser marking, etching, and engraving and export them to a DXF or DWG file. Configuration of the tool is completed through the design data allowing for the set up of line types to specific environments.

In the 2022 release model, states were introduced that affected the Bill of Materials. If a part or component was suppressed it would have shown with the quantity of zero, in this release an update has been put into place called BOM settings. An option is available to change what the BOM is displaying at different model states, now giving the ability to remove the component from the BOM at that given model state. A further setting also allows renumbering of BOM items sequentially.

The drawing environment has also been updated. Previously when a detailed view was placed there was no option to edit, which was quite a frustration having to remove and restart the command. In 2023 the ability to edit a detailed view is now available, allowing edit of the fence and cut-out shape. Further enhancements to the drawing environment include the ability to choose the model state configuration name in a text box, and also use the overlay command with model states.

Link from Inventor to Fusion 360

Continuing from 2022 Autodesk has further improved the link from Inventor to Fusion 360. In the new release, buttons have been added to utilise key environments and functionality that is available in Fusion such as generative design, subtractive or additive manufacture, and the simulation environment. By selecting these new buttons, it will load any model straight into Fusion to a selected fusion team and start the command or study. This link is going to prove very beneficial to anyone looking to take their models to the next level.

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