Why Oculo is participating in the Golden Thread Initiative to help prevent future building disasters

We are pleased to share this blog post from our partner Oculo

The 2018 Hackitt Report issued a number of recommendations in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster to help prevent future disasters of the same kind from happening again, one of which was to create a "golden thread" of building information data.

The Golden Thread Initiative, or GTI, aims to demonstrate how this ambition can be converted into actionable steps that can be taken at the project level, resulting in the creation of a digital “reference book” that documents how a building has been constructed or renovated.

This “golden thread” of data will be built up from the component level, eventually including everything that was completed or installed throughout the course of a construction project. All parties involved will have more visibility as a result, allowing them to see how their work fits into the bigger project and to change their plans as needed to avoid conflicts. Increasing accountability is essential for making buildings safer. The GTI’s review will take into account not only what data needs to be collected at each stage for later use by residents and maintenance teams, but also how new ways of working can promote more effective collaboration during the construction phase.

The GTI has assembled a team of industry experts who will collaborate for the benefit of the built environment in order to realise this objective. It attempts to show that it is feasible to create a “golden thread” of building information that complies with the requirements of the Building Safety Regulator’s standards. The main outcomes will be a practical illustration of what is currently feasible and an identification of the difficulties that the industry will have to overcome in order to comply with proposed legislation.

Contributors come from all facets of the construction industry, and endorsing organisations such as: UK BIM Alliance, CIBSE, HSE, and the National Housing Federation serve as sponsors.

Oculo’s participation in the GTI is motivated by their aim to improve efficiencies and support data-driven decision-making within construction industry. Oculo currently give clients the ability to use visual data in a variety of ways during the project build phase as a software provider. They achieve this by producing a visual history of a building’s construction that anyone can view and comprehend, without the need for sophisticated technologies or training.

Oculo brings to the GTI its extensive practical experience in gathering, managing and extracting value from visual data, which gives it a unique perspective on how some of the most urgent difficulties facing the sector might be overcome.

A more collaborative and informed construction process will ultimately result in higher-quality structures and buildings, which will give residents greater peace of mind and safer homes.

Do you need help creating a “golden thread” of building information data for your construction project? Please get in touch with us via the details below:


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