APL – National Oilwell Varco

In-house innovation and development of high-end engineering solutions for the offshore industry is based on expert advisory by the consultants from Symetri.

Important to focus on the core business – not solely on CAD systems

For NOV-APL it is important to keep up the pace and reduce any downtime in the production. That is why they value the close relationship with Symetri – they want to hire in experts that are smarter than them in this field. Migration of data is their core business is something the company does all the time and trusts Symetri. That way NOV-APL can concentrate on their core business which is designing floating systems for their global customers in the oil and gas industry.

Autodesk courses and floorwalking – we are safe!

For NOV-APL it is essential that all use the same methodology when working with Inventor and Vaultm and therefore this was the focus when implementing the Vault Professional. According to Tore Marskar Eek-Jensen company had a prosperous implementation process where employees attended a number of courses both inhouse and in the Symetri premises to obtain new skills. Simultaneously, they had Symetri consultants on site to do what we can call 'floorwalking' and coaching whenever a new situation came up. This way, company now has a traceable system and no longer need to manually structure data, as the system does the

In short, the combination of very skilled consultants, committed co-workers and customised courses has been a major key in getting to know the systems quickly in APL in Arendal, concludes Tore Marskar Eek-Jensen.


  • Need for a replicable database solution between several sites worldwide.
  • Need for development of methodology and employee skills


Implementation of a replicable Autodesk Vault Professional system by Symetri:

  • All data needed to be migrated
  • Floorwalking
  • Support


External migration of Autodesk Vault Professional:

  • Release of internal manpower for development tasks
  • A traceable easy-to-use system
  • No longer need to manually structure data
  • Internal focus on creating new solutions for end customer

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