Supporting VEXTRIX’s fast-paced growth in readiness towards ISO 19650 Certification with Symetri


VEXTRIX, founded in 2009, is a forward-thinking company in the construction sector, offering a range of services, including project management, quantity surveying, engineering design, and health and safety consultancy. With a client-centric approach, VEXTRIX focuses on understanding their clients' needs and delivering tailored solutions.

The Challenge – Shifting with the industry

VEXTRIX, was experiencing rapid growth, recognised the importance of obtaining ISO 19650 Certification fully accredited by UKAS to remain competitive in bidding for large projects. Andrew Rycroft, Associate Director at VEXTRIX, sought a trusted partner to guide them through this journey.

The Partnership

VEXTRIX's existing and long-term relationship with the management team at Symetri paved the way for collaboration. Andrew Rycroft and his team engaged Symetri's expertise to navigate the ISO 19650 Certification process. A 30-minute meeting with a Principal Consultant helped VEXTRIX define their requirements, understand the accreditation process with Symetri and LRQA, explore the benefits, and consider a tailored education programme for their team.

Andrew Rycroft expressed his trust in Symetri, stating:

"Gaining ISO 19650 Certification is a journey, and you want someone you trust to guide you in the right direction. I felt Symetri and their people could lead us with confidence."

The Solutions

Tailored BIM and Information management education – Symetri began by providing tailored BIM and Information Management education to align VEXTRIX's team with a common understanding. Each educational session was tailored to specific groups within the company, ensuring everyone had the necessary knowledge. This comprehensive training filled knowledge gaps and increased confidence among employees.

The modules covered various aspects, including:

  • Information Management and BIM workflows
  • Understanding key documentation
  • A detailed understanding of the ISO 19650 and associated standards.

Journey towards ISO 19650 Certification – Once VEXTRIX had a unified understanding, they started they journey towards ISO 19650 Certification. It began with a scoping meeting to assess the company's current state and set goals. Symetri then conducted a review of their internal processes to identify areas of strength and areas requiring improvement. The resulting report served as a training session in itself, helping the team understand the way forward.

Symetri guided VEXTRIX in updating existing documentation and introducing new elements to meet certification requirements effectively.

The Outcome

The partnership with Symetri has proven highly informative for VEXTRIX. They now possess a deeper understanding of the ISO 19650 suite of standards, ensuring consistent work practices and fewer errors. According to Andrew Rycroft,

"It's the small details that make a big difference," highlighting the value of their improved knowledge.

The Future

VEXTRIX is preparing for their ISO 19650 assessment with LRQA, strengthened by increased confidence in their capabilities. This certification will enhance their reputation among clients, showcasing their commitment to maintaining robust systems.

With their sights set on future growth, VEXTRIX plans to explore better collaboration processes and systems, positioning themselves for continued success in a rapidly changing construction sector through increased digitisation.

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