Transferring Project Data & Tracking to a Cloud-Based Common Data Environment

RB Plant

RB Plant is a dynamic, innovative yet long-established multi-disciplinary engineering group that still holds true to its original core values of integrity, innovation, communication and value-adding contributions to their clients’ businesses.


RB Plant has specialised in civil and structural, HVAC and mechanical engineering since its founding in 1969. This breadth of expertise allows them to assist clients throughout the project lifecycle, from small plant expansions to large new construction builds. Having a global footprint, however, does come with its challenges. RB Plant professionals often travel between offices and worksites while designing and delivering projects in BIM. To maintain proper collaboration and review processes, they required a Common Data Environment (CDE) uniquely suited to the Autodesk software already in place at the firm.


The overall goal for RB Plant was to merge a traditional, folder-based system with a virtual, collaborative approach to project coordination and delivery. It required streamlining information exchanges, employing instant archiving and effective version control. Among other necessities for the CDE was a simple review and approval process, easily manageable by non-technical users. Additionally, RB Plant wanted an ISO 19650-compliant information exchange process to align with AECO industry best practices.


To achieve the cloud collaboration environment envisioned at RB Plant, the firm partnered with Symetri to incorporate and customise new Autodesk technologies. Symetri assisted with implementing an ISO 19650 information exchange process in Autodesk Docs by organising the folder structure, permissions and rules of sharing data. For example, a two-step review and approval process was introduced, automatically copying the approved information containers to where all final documentation is stored, ensuring ease of sharing with the project team members.

Additionally, a custom Insight dashboard was used to manage the on-site safety checklist and the Meeting Minutes module in BIM 360 to track project activities accurately.


Setting up BIM 360 platform as the new CDE has allowed RB Plant to optimise cross-team collaboration. The exchange of information via the Autodesk Construction Cloud has improved control over project documentation. Project managers are saving time with the Meeting Minutes module while review/approvals are streamlined as all stakeholders can view the same file versions in real-time. Finally, using custom attributes helped RB Plant understand and apply ISO document naming standards.

RB Plant has onboarded new software at their firm to ensure clients are served beyond their expectations at a global scale. With the CDE in place and processes adapting to the cloud environment, RB Plant is well-positioned to support clients in an evolving AECO industry. In addition, they will continue to streamline construction projects with snagging templates and other collaboration initiatives.

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