Symetri Construction Presents

#WorkSmarterWednesdays Webinar | Introducing Oculo: Bringing the Construction site to you

Join the next session of our #WorkSmarterWednesdays webinar series where we'll provide an overview of Oculo, a solution which combines hard-hat cameras, BIM models/floorplans & artificial intelligence to remotely view, share & track on-site progress.

#WorkSmarterWednesdays Webinar | Introducing Oculo: Bringing the Construction site to you

Not everyone can always be on-site for every Construction project, but it’s important for stakeholders to easily see what's going on and which stage the project is at. But how do you manage this?

Photo documentation is a common way to keep track of on-site progress, however many Construction companies are wasting hours every day manually creating and organising this documentation.

Oculo’s hard-hat cameras make it easy to automatically capture this data, whilst the artificial intelligence allows you to map it back to your models and floorplans; enabling all project stakeholders to collaborate on it remotely.

Beyond this, the solution allows those involved in the project to add tasks and RFIs, and provides building owners with instant access to a full and accurate photographic history of what lies within their walls and ceilings. Join our webinar to find out more.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Symetri Construction & #WorkSmarterWednesdays
  • Overview of Oculo
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday 8th September 2021

Time: 12pm - 1pm (GMT)

Hosts: Richard Brayshaw, Construction Business Area Director - Symetri, Steve Rudge, Construction Technical & Consulting Delivery Manager - Symetri, Tom Rudge, Digital Engineer - Symetri and Wojtek Szymczak, Co-founder & COO - Oculo

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