20 Years of Information Management at Heathrow Airport

Autodesk University Las Vegas 2019 Presentation

John Williams, Project Director at Symetri and Nigel Stroud, Information Management Lead at Heathrow, presented at this year's Autodesk University in Las Vegas.

Note: the below video recording was created by Excitech prior to becoming Symetri in January 2021, following its acquisition by Addnode Group. All Excitech products, services and solutions mentioned in this recording are available through Symetri.

John Williams and Nigel Stroud's bio with Heathrow

Their presentation entitled "20 Years of Information Management at Heathrow Airport, gives a high level overview of a journey spanning over 20 years from a client and a partner reseller perspective.  It shares their vision and aspirations of how the construction of Heathrow's Terminal 5 could deliver a digital legacy.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn about the digital processes that Heathrow has developed, both past, current, and future developments
  • Learn about the technology that has been used at Heathrow-both past, current, and future developments
  • Learn about how Heathrow brings its digital information together for efficient consumption
  • Gain insights into future digital intentions

Sovelia PLM release 22.0

10 May 2022

We are proud to announce the Sovelia PLM 22.0 release is now available. The major new functionality is  3D viewer features with close integration to Sovelia PLM browser client and Sovelia CAD Add-in.

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