Autodesk announce new way to purchase its software licences with Autodesk Flex

Autodesk recently announced changes to the way you can purchase licences for certain software products, to evolve with customer’s ever-changing business needs.

Autodesk announce new way to purchase its software licences with Autodesk Flex

The introduction of Autodesk Flex allows customers to purchase their Autodesk software licences on a pay as you go basis, providing users with access to their products on an occasional basis as opposed to purchasing a longer term subscription.

The new pay as you go model by Autodesk allows you to pay a daily rate for software use and works through the purchase of a pre-defined number of tokens for occasional users. Autodesk Flex tokens are flexible to meet a variety of business needs. Each product offered holds a different daily number of tokens. You will only be charged the daily rate once every 24 hours when a user opens a product. When the product is closed, charges are stopped.

The benefits of using Autodesk Flex include:

  • Saving money due to only paying for what is used
  • Saving time by reducing the need to add/remove users for varied products mid-project
  • Smarter working through using specialised tools at different stages of the design process 

When considering using Autodesk Flex, you should identify how often your users & occasional users are using their Autodesk products. For instance if you have users that are only accessing their Autodesk software for 7 days or less per month, Autodesk Flex would be a cost-effective option for them. If users are using Autodesk products more frequently, such as 2+ days a week, a single user subscription licencing model would be the more cost-effective option.

In order to help you establish how often your Autodesk software licences are being used, Symetri provide a service which can monitor, manage and analyse your usage.

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Autodesk New Transaction Process Announced for the US and Canada

13 March 2024

Autodesk launched a new transaction process to customers who purchase subscriptions in Australia in November 2023. Following a successful trial, they have announced a go-live date of 10th June 2024 for the US & Canada. No timeline has been shared for other geographies, but Autodesk does intend to roll the new process out globally over the next 2 years.

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