Autodesk Docs now available as a standalone product

Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Construction Cloud’s centralised document management solution, is now available as a standalone product to create a single source of truth across the project lifecycle.

Autodesk Docs now available as a standalone product

As of 7th July 2021, Autodesk Docs can now be purchased as a standalone product, and subscriptions include access to both BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk Docs.

Previously, Autodesk Docs was only included with Autodesk Construction Cloud subscriptions and AEC Collection subscriptions and the price was included in the price of these products. Now, users will have the choice of subscribing to Autodesk Docs as a standalone product through the AEC Collection, or along with Autodesk Construction Cloud products.

Current BIM 360 Docs customers will be transitioned automatically to an Autodesk Docs subscription. They will receive Autodesk Docs licences in addition to their existing BIM 360 Docs licences, with no pricing change, and no deprovisioning of existing subscriptions.

If you already have projects in BIM 360, it is recommended that you continue to use the BIM 360 platform to manage these projects to completion. When starting a new project however, you can choose whether to do so in BIM 360 Docs or Autodesk Docs.

We advise that you speak to your Symetri account manager or technical support before transitioning, as there are functional differences between the solutions that should be considered. Symetri can help you with the transition process and ensure Autodesk Docs meets all your needs.

Why is this happening?

Over the last year, we've seen cloud collaboration shift from a nice-to-have to a must-have. For that reason, Autodesk decided to make their flagship common data environment (CDE) offering even better, by adding access to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform which includes a new set of modules to better connect your data across all project phases.  

Find out more

To find out more about this change, join Symetri Construction's #WorkSmarterWednesdays webinar on 28th July where we will be looking at the new platform in detail, and explaining the different scenarios around which platform you should use.


Autodesk New Transaction Process Announced for the US and Canada

13 March 2024

Autodesk launched a new transaction process to customers who purchase subscriptions in Australia in November 2023. Following a successful trial, they have announced a go-live date of 10th June 2024 for the US & Canada. No timeline has been shared for other geographies, but Autodesk does intend to roll the new process out globally over the next 2 years.

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