Finding long term solutions - Margrethe Overn

Margrethe Overn is an account manager, who has been at Symetri for four years. A normal day entails anything from coffee with colleagues at our Oslo office in Norway, to figuring out customer needs and finding the right solutions for them.

Finding long term solutions - Margrethe Overn

“My workday does really depend on the needs of my customers. It’s about figuring out where the customer wants to go, and how we can help them get there. I’d say it’s a good variation, since it’s about meeting the customers where they are on their journey.”

For Margrethe, quick fixes don’t really do the trick. Working with large companies in the public sector it’s all about finding long term solutions.

“Some of my customers I’ve worked with for a long time, especially since I work with customers in the public sector – they think long term and their processes take time. Some find it tedious to work in the public sector because of that. But from my point of view I see that if you do it the right way from the start you succeed in the long run. So that’s something I really like. I’m not a hunter. I’m more like a farmer in that way, “Margrethe says.

Perhaps one of the best things about this are the relationships that are built along the way.

“It takes a long time, the processes are longer, and that also means that you get to know the customers quite well. They are reliant on you, and you get to be a partner to them in that process.”

The right people next to you

Being a company of 450 employees, with different background and skills, you can generally find answers to any question from your colleagues. But Margrethe has most of the expertise she needs close at hand.

“Our team is quite small in Norway, but we have a very close collaboration.” she explains. “We complement each other in a good way. And having technical consultants in the next room is also great. It’s easy to get answers with all their expertise close by,” she continues. ”We all help each other out and ask questions. It’s great to have the right resources next to you. That’s something I really like about our office.”

With such a close-knit group, staff changes of course have a big impact

“In consultancy we’ve had some changes, and when that happens it has a huge impact of course. There and then you think ‘oh no, how are we going to get through this’, but then you just have to think in new ways” Margrethe says, and continues: “We have to adapt very quickly. I don’t think it’s productive to compare and expect a new employee to fill the same shoes as the person that left. Instead you have to think of how we can change to make the most of the new perspectives and ideas that new employees bring.”

“Change” is the word of the day

One of the core values at Symetri is to embrace change, and that is something that resonates with Margrethe.

“I think that’s one of our greatest strength – that we adapt quickly to the market and to our customer’s needs. We are not afraid of changes, both internal organisation changes, and in working in new business areas”

The same goes for Margrethe’s own journey at Symetri. In just four years she has gone from administrating and managing Symetri’s training offering to being responsible for large accounts.

“That’s the best part about working at Symetri, for me. My personal development and getting the opportunity to develop myself. When I started, I didn’t know much about this industry, but I was given the room to grow.” she explains. “I started with courses and now I’m also managing quite large companies and have been given that trust. That’s so important for me, to get new opportunities.”

Not only has Symetri helped Margrethe grow professionally, but she has in turn helped Symetri grow.

“From my previous work experience, I came in with different perspectives, and I feel I’ve had the opportunity both to learn, but also to bring about changes. My opinion matters. You are heard.”

With the world going through many changes, the need for people on our team who aren’t afraid of change, and who embrace new opportunities is bigger than ever. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about working at Symetri.

Connect with Margrethe on Linkedin.


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