Symetri announces strategic partnership with CGI Studio GmbH

Symetri strengthens their experience within the automotive industry

Symetri announces strategic partnership with CGI Studio GmbH

Delivering best in class automotive HMI software solution, CGI Studio GmbH starts a new partnership with the consulting company Symetri.
Combining the capabilities of INCARI Studio with the service expertise of Symetri generates an unparalleled team which is able to deliver innovative solutions to the automotive industry.

With Symetri’s service experience in the automotive design and engineering field, CGI Studio can fully focus on software development while gathering all requirements and feedbacks from customers.

About CGI Studio GmbH

CGI Studio a Germany based software provider, delivering solutions for the automotive industry, focusing on HMI software development – The INCARI technology enables OEMs to develop their own HMI Interfaces in an optimised new workflow. INCARI is a development platform for innovative and customizable UX/UI for IVI in the automotive industry

About Symetri
Symetri’s solutions and services cover product’s whole lifecycle from design to manufacturing, sales and after-sales services. The expertise and leading-edge technologies and services we provide are the results of over 30 years of experience resolving business challenges in companies varying from small and medium-size to global organisations in the manufacturing and building sectors.
Symetri is Northern Europe`s largest Autodesk solution provider and an Autodesk Platinum Partner with a team of more than 300 employees in the Nordics and UK.
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Sovelia PLM is now Sovelia Core

23 May 2024

We are excited to announce that our Sovelia PLM solution is now called Sovelia Core. The product itself remains the same, and all the functionality is available as before; only the name is changing.

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