Upcoming changes to Fusion 360

Autodesk has announced some changes in relation to Autodesk Fusion 360

  1. Fusion 360 will be rebranded as Autodesk Fusion™. The ‘360’ will now be dropped.
  2. Autodesk will be introducing Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing.
  3. The overall offering package is being simplified and enhanced with more value
  4. Rebalancing the price of Autodesk Fusion and Autodesk Fusion extensions
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What is Autodesk Fusion Industry cloud for manufacturing?

Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing connects data, people, and processes across your entire product development ecosystem.
Anchored on the Design and Make Platform, the industry cloud provides an end-to-end connected product development solution that unifies people, data, technologies, and workflows of product design and manufacturing.

Fusion industry cloud will: 

  • Deliver a growing set of unique capabilities within a responsive user experience that connects data tools and end-to-end workflows between product design, engineering, data management, and manufacturing. 
  • Offer automation tools that allow users to streamline processes and improve productivity. 
  • Provide an open and flexible product development ecosystem, as it is built on Autodesk Platform Services and the Autodesk data model. The data model API allows developers to read, write, and extend product design and manufacturing data in the cloud, allowing you to build custom end-to-end workflows to increase your operational efficiency and solve your hardest design to manufacturing challenges. 
  • Provide organizations, teams, and individuals with a trusted platform. All data is created and stored in the manufacturing data model, providing a single source of project data across your organization and supply chain.

What’s changing?

Fusion pricing and offering updates

As Autodesk continue to add value to help their customers solve everyday problems, they are rebalancing the price of Autodesk Fusion and Autodesk Fusion extensions to align with the value they deliver. As a result, the price of Fusion is going up, and the price of some Fusion extensions is going down. 

New subscription pricing and packaging

Autodesk's commitment to current subscribers continues, which is why, as of January 30, 2024, all current active annual subscribers will get a lock-in price of £385 SRP until your renewal in 2027. 

Fusion 360 – Bundle 3 Fusion 360 Subscriptions and save 33%

Between February 7th, 2024, and January 31st, 2025, customers can purchase a bundle of three (3) new 1-year Fusion and may receive a 33% discount off SRP. Please complete the form to contact us for more information.

Read our blog for more information

If you would like to learn more about Autodesk Fusion and the impact it is making on the manufacturing industry read our latest blog: It’s time to get serious with Autodesk Fusion. 


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