HP ZCentral Remote Boost

HP ZCentral Remote Boost

Pro-grade solution which enables you to turn any device into a high-performance CAD workstation

HP ZCentral Remote Boost

HP ZCentral Remote Boost, formerly known as HP Remote Graphics Software, allows users who work on graphics or compute intensive projects to access high performance PC power from anywhere.

For those within the Buildings & Infrastructure and Product Design & Lifecycle industries, this means that users can remotely connect a tablet, laptop or thin client to their CAD workstation to access their Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software from any location.

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About HP ZCentral Remote Boost

Wacom® Support

Compatible with Wacom® displays and tablet devices, enabling creative professionals with pen input for digital workflows.

Adaptive Resolution

Power users and those they remotely collaborate with can dynamically resize the content to match the resolution of the device they're working on, or match it to the centralised hardware they're tapping into.

4k⁴ & Multi-Display Support

HP ZCentral Remote Boost supports 4K⁴ and multi-display setups, so your users can have the flexibility to work from almost any end-point device.

Graphics Hardware Acceleration

Achieve optimal performance, even with low network bandwidth. With Advanced Video Compression (AVC), the pixels being sent over the network are compressed to improve your frame rate.

HP Velocity

Break free of your network limitations with HP Velocity. This software improves interactivity in wide area networks and increases network traffic tolerance, for solid performance even over poor connections.

Operating Systems

HP ZCentral Remote Boost software is compatible with most desktop operating systems including Windows, macOS and Linux®. 

Remote USB

With local control and access, you can virtually attach or block a USB device to a remote system.

Readily available on HP devices

You don't need any additional infrastructure costs to start working and collaborating remotely. ZCentral Remote Boost is free on all Z devices. If you do not have a HP device, the software is compatible with any non-HP device also.

Harness the power of a CAD workstation 

HP ZCentral Remote Boost software connects your end point device to wherever your user's CAD workstation is located, allowing it to be accessed for graphics-intensive work by their preffered end-point device.

Pro-grade collaboration

HP ZCentral Remote Boost software allows global teams to work together in real time on 3D models. 

Secure access to your data

Regardless of what's sent over the network, with ZCentral Remote Boost, your information is always encrypted.

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