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We know that many companies in the construction industry continue to face challenges around efficiency, communication, sustainability and profitability. Whether you require project support to ensure successful delivery of your projects and meet client requirements, or support in achieving digital transformation for your company to overcome these challenges, we're here to help.

Symetri Consultancy services within Construction include:

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Extra ways to reduce email spam

The majority of unwanted email that would otherwise hit your inbox is filtered out by your business’s anti-malware service, but some still finds its way through. In this article I will focus on the non-malicious but never-the-less irritating sales spam.

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Training courses

Information & BIM Management Fundamentals incorporating ISO 19650

This Information Management & BIM training course is designed to provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of the principles of Information Management enabled by BIM. Delegates will also review the core standards, specifications and guidance, including the ISO 19650 series and develop an understanding of how information is managed, delivered and used through the capital, delivery and into occupation. Those attending this training course will ultimately have a better understanding of BIM Management and be able to identify which information management processes to apply within their own organisations.

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Training courses

Robot Structural Analysis Essentials

This course will introduce the novice user to the Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis system and to provide some guidance on the program configuration, menu system and navigation techniques. It will also show the many and varied methods of data input and extraction of results.

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Training courses

KnowledgeSmart Administrators Course

This course will look at the KnowledgeSmart user Interface to explain how to manage and administer assessments in order to identify skills gaps. The course looks at reviewing results to identify potential training requirements based on individuals or groups. The course consists of a two-hour webinar session covering the areas listed in the course objectives below.

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