Digital Strategy

The value of Digital Strategies in Manufacturing


Modern manufacturing – whether Make to Stock or Make to Order -- is in a sustained and accelerated period of change, as the shift to Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory gathers pace.

This change is driven by technology, enabling automation, CNC techniques, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through the Internet of Things (IoT), empowering seamless collaboration across the business -- from the design office to the factory floor, and across the supply chain.

Are you future-ready now?
Creating a robust Digital Strategy is essential. It is the basis of operational and efficiency improvements and the prime ingredient of success in today’s digital world. It is the launch platform for Digital Transformation, and for ensuring that everything in your business is as ready for the future as it possibly can be. It is increasingly critical for survival (not least in the face of global competition) and increasingly demanded by your customers.


Improved efficiency and productivity

The automation and digitisation of processes leads to increased efficiency, fewer manual tasks and therefore fewer errors, and saves time. It also empowers your users to spend more time on quality tasks and innovative thinking, which motivates people and drives them on to higher-quality output.

Cost Savings

Automation, cloud computing, collaboration technologies, smarter use of data, and the smoother flow of designs from conception through to production create cost savings in design, operations and resource management.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

The adoption of digital systems and tools enriches your innovation capabilities by enabling rapid experimentation, prototyping and iteration of new products. Digital technologies can differentiate organisations from competitors by offering unique value propositions and more agile responses to market changes.


Any change in business is a challenge. The abundance of solution choices when you look at digitising or automating processes, or ways of making optimum use of your data, can be overwhelming.

It is not always self-evident where to start the journey or what your next step should be.

At the same time, Business-as-Usual cannot be disrupted, your teams must be kept up to speed, and any transition from your current to your future state must be sensitively handled to ensure the confident, competent and rapid outcomes you will have identified at the start of your journey.

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Managing Change

Any move towards automation will impact existing processes, workflows, and users. It is important to understand in detail what the implementation of any new system/s will look like, where the impact will land, and how the business will adopt and adapt to the change.

Investing in the right technology

Where you channel your technology investments within the business must be pinpointed accurately to avoid over- or under-specification of solutions. Companies often opt for ‘nice-to-have’ functionality which turns out to offer no gain to the business. The flip-side to that is that it represents smart investment if you can identify future requirements for solutions that can that can scale and adapt as your business grows.

The people factor: Training | Upskilling | Attracting Talent

Along with new digital tools comes the requirement for new training strategies. This is not only about staff retention but also about attracting new staff with skills aligned to your digital future; digital-savvy individuals for whom competition is tough in the digital world.

It’s a virtuous circle – digitally active companies attract smart people. These are the people best equipped to help drive each new step along your Digital Transformation journey.




Our consultants undertake Design Process Reviews either onsite or online. The review provides an overview of your business, current workflows, issues/problems, software and hardware used, and your end goals. Our findings and suggestions are supplied in a detailed report to inform the next stage in your decision-making.

This systematic process can be an in-depth 1-day session interviewing all designers, or a short meeting with senior management. The purpose of the Training Needs Analysis is to identify gaps in knowledge, skills, competencies, and/or performance across your organisation. Following the analysis, we will be able to determine whether there is a need for training or development initiatives and suggest appropriate training to address those needs.

If you already have an idea about what product, process or technology you are interested in, Symetri offers scoping sessions where we can discuss your requirements in more detail and make recommendations around the implementation.

Hosted by Autodesk at their Birmingham Technology Centre this interactive workshop will introduce you to a digital strategy template and explore how the 5 capabilities can help you make better products, sell more and generate greater profits.

This great online Autodesk tool focuses on five areas for competitive advantage. Symetri can walk you through the tool online or in person. Once the assessment has been completed you will receive a report of your readiness in the five areas, plus suggestions on improving your readiness.

Depending on your maturity stage in digital adoption, Symetri can provide a phased roadmap for the next stage and beyond, induing timescales and return on investment:

Phases can include:

  • Configuration, and integration with ERP systems
  • Machine workflow automation
  • Design process automation
  • Training (learning paths)
  • Essential software upgrades to software
  • Hardware recommendations
  • PLM/PDM solutions
  • Simulation solutions
  • The use of Visualisation

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