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Naviate Outdoor Area

Create high-quality outdoor areas with analysis in the early building planning phase with Naviate Outdoor Area, an extension to Autodesk Forma.

Naviate Outdoor Area|


The platform for creation and maintenance of digital building models. Powered by machine learning and automated technologies. Speeding up the digital transformation & maintaining digital readiness.

Smarter Building Podcast Ep.17 - Fast Track to Digital Twins |


A visual project progress tracking and evidencing solution which combines artificial intelligence (AI) with 360° hard hat cameras.

Oculo |


Our range of BIM information management services are tailored to both public and private Clients, Employers, Asset Owners and Operators of all types, and are fully aligned to the sectors they operate in. 

BIM Information Management Services |


Acting as an integral member of your project team, or as an external partner, Symetri consultants bring deep technology knowledge and practical industry experience to help de-risk your commitment and provide essential BIM project support.

BIM Project Support - Ensure Successful Delivery |


As a business, are you aware of what you need to deliver against the new requirements and the information you need to monitor and manage against the defined Information Exchange Points (IEP)?

Find out how Symetri can help you through a two-part Awareness & Assessment Service, designed to help you navigate these critical regulatory changes effectively.

How will the building safety act affect my business? |


Oculo is a digital Construction solution which combines hard-hat cameras, BIM models/floorplans & artificial intelligence to remotely view, share & track on-site progress saving you time and reducing the risk.

Oculo |


We can help you understand the digital requirements of the Building Safety Act and how to extend this beyond high risk buildings.

Fire Safety Compliance |


The Autodesk Construction Cloud connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximise efficiency, and increase profits for a better way to build, together.

Autodesk Construction Cloud | Autodesk Unified |


As the AEC industry moves from 2D, to 3D, to BIM and now into the world of Digital Twins, combining solutions and data sets for improved knowledge and insights is essential.

We can support you by crafting customised tools and bespoke applications to enhance your production processes, business workflows and reporting.

Bespoke Digital Solutions |


Naviate Cloud provides users with the ability to schedule project publishing, uploading, and downloading, allowing users to complete these tasks during off-hours so the team is never affected by processing time during productive hours.

Naviate Cloud|


ArchiveHub is a complete BIM 360 archiving solution for AEC professionals, enabling users to download and browse complete project data easily keeping all information and file structures intact, minimising any risks of error or incomplete data.

ArchiveHub |

Digital Twin Guide for the AECO industries

A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object, with an objective to simplify management of its lifecycle and operation. However, a digital twin can mean different things to different people.

We recommend starting off deciding what you want from your digital twin, which will allow you to select the most appropriate technologies and ways you collect and capture your data.

Below, we have put together a number of resources to provide an understanding of a digital twin and how it can be beneficial to your business.

Digital Twin in Construction | What is a Digital Twin? |



Pinnacle Series is an on-demand learning and productivity platform for the AEC and Manufacturing industry that uses multiple asset types to help organisations overcome the everyday challenges they face in using technology.

This platform will add value to your organisation by increasing the use of your technology investments, lowering training and onboarding costs, or allowing you to take on new types of projects.

Pinnacle Series |


Is your organisation looking to become BIM Ready, BIM Compliant or BIM Accredited?

We offer a range of services to help organisations comply with ISO 19650 and BIM requirements.

ISO 19650 Accreditation and Certification |


Software licence monitoring tool to help understand licence usage and take control of your licence portfolio—from Autodesk, to Microsoft, to any other vendor product that runs an executable file.

Software Licence Monitoring Tool | Real-time Monitoring - CQFlexMon |

Naviate Zero

Naviate Zero makes it easier to choose smart sustainable materials directly in the Revit model, use the carbon calculator and get an overview of the CO² emissions.

Naviate Zero |

Decarbonization Solutions

Discover our comprehensive offerings that encompass both technology and service aspects for decarbonization.

Symetri's Decarbonisation Solutions

One Click LCA

One Click LCA is the world's leading life cycle assessment software that calculates your environmental impacts in minutes.

One Click LCA - Life Cycle Assessment Software |


Autodesk Innovyze is a drainage design software platform enabling the design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Innovyze InfoDrainage |


InfoCare will no longer be available for renewal after May 7, 2024. Book a free appointment with us to discuss your options!

Are you prepared for the InfoCare to Subscription (I2S) programme? |

Presentations on stage

ASSET MANAGEMENT REDEFINED Daryn Fitz, Principal Consultant & Special Projects Lead, Symetri Download Presentation
I’VE CALCULATED MY CARBON FOOTPRINT; WHAT’S NEXT? Shivani Soni, Head of Impact & Innovation, Symetri & Samuel Boswell, LCA Consultant, One Click LCA Download Presentation
BOOSTING INFRASTRUCTURE RESILIENCE WITH BIM AND DIGITAL TWIN AMID RISING FLOODS Simon Renfrey, Business Development Manager, Symetri & Caryn Novak, Water Innovation Manager, Autodesk Download Presentation

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