A suite of solutions designed to enhance workflows in Autodesk's BIM 360.


matterlab is a product and innovation lab of technology experts, software developers, designers and entrepreneurs, dedicated to improving the built environment. matterlab offer products and services which enhance traditional architectural, engineering & construction practices with new technologies and software.

They also deliver solutions to leading teams in the buildings & infrastructure industry to help them operate more efficiently and effectively, from early-stage feasibility studies to cloud data management and more.

matterlab products we offer


ArchiveHub is a complete archiving solution for AEC professionals which allows Autodesk's BIM 360 users to access a complete offline, local version of their BIM 360 data.


ValidationHub enables BIM 360 users to create strict quality standards for all files uploaded to their projects. Includes access to SizeMyHub, the quickest and easiest way to measure the size of your BIM 360 project. 

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