Works with Autodesk Vault

Sovelia Vault supports current version and 3 previous releases of the Autodesk Vault workgroup, Vault Professional and Vault Office.

Secondary file formats

PDF, 3D PDF, Step, Sat, DXF, AutoCAD DWG and DWF/DWFx. Advanced naming of files to meet internal requirements. Secondary files can be stored in Vault or outside it on a computer or server.  Run automatically on state change or manually on demand files can be generated as visible or hidden attachments all visible on an attachments tab

Property management and property data intelligence tools

Automatic targeted filling and clearing of  properties.  Custom rev table management.  On new document, check in and State change triggers.

Task workflows

Manage single tasks or an entire chain of events with manual or automatic execution (state transition) locally or via the Vault Job Processor.  Apply criteria to events for targeted workflow automation.

Advanced Configuration from a simple user Interface

Settings are stored in Vault so there is no need for additional distribution or backup. GUI-based for intuitive configuration.

Simplified Property cards

Configurable Vault property data cards for accessing key properties.  Cards customised by category and file type showing editable and read only properties.

Data Export

Automatic or manual BOM and property export directly from Autodesk Vault based on state changes in Vault. Supports multiple formats XML (xslt), CSV and SQL to work with downstream business systems.

Job Queue management

Job management utility to manage and maintain your job queue.  Automatic centralisation in replicated environments for job processor load balancing.  Automatic emails or clearing on job states such as pending, processing or errored tasks.  Automatic job processor reboots and local folder clearance to maintain job processor stability.

Digital signing

Push users details into documents automatically on a state change.  Controls to ensure that authors, checkers and approvers are separate individuals allowing for 2 and 4 eyes checks.  Automatic emailing on state change.