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Information Management

Nurture an 'information-first' culture

Any failure to capture all the necessary data, or capture it in the best way to re-use in multiple processes, or to seamlessly handover to other stakeholders, leads to rework and delays at handover. Symetri's Information Management services help you manage the data structure, progressive data capture from the supply chain, audit, development and handover.


Asset Management

Helping you define two main areas in data capture: what is a maintainable asset and what data you need to collate against those assets. This is key to ensure the project delivers the correct data.

As Constructed Verification

We can help you introduce various as constructed model verification processes to suit your project budget, from laser scanning, to 360 photos, or to bring AR/MR on site for that immersive experience.


COBie Data Capture & Reporting

We can help you ensure that data has been entered in a structured and standardised fashion to allow the extraction of data to meet COBie standards or other client specific requirements.

COBie Delivery

Helping your delivery teams in design and construction structure and generate the required information aligned to the AIR so the COBie template gets populated to suit the industry standard.

Tag & Track

Providing you with the ability to track key elements or components through all stages of its lifetime.

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