Project Support


Pre-construction planning and project initiation

Building Information Modelling (BIM) demands and facilitates a disciplined approach to construction planning. Symetri can help you chart a course through the many areas of detail that often slip companies up pre-construction including compliance with industry requirements and government mandates, building your BIM strategy, responding to PQQ’s, and aligning your services to achieve BIM Level 2 accreditation.



BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

We can help you create a BEP based on contractor needs such as the management and requirements of supply chain partners.

Construction Sequencing

We can assist in workflows and model configuration in to the 4D process.


Cost Management/Capture

Helping you create, organise and manage project budgets, contracts, purchase orders, potential change orders and change management processes.

Progress Tracking

We can assist in the progress tracking of tasks and materials to site by using technology to integrate barcodes and QR codes.

Quantity Take-off (QTO)

We can assist with the model structure and technology utilised in the electronic take-off of material in the pre construction stage.

Temporary Works

We can work with you to help generate temporary and enabling works models that fully integrate with the larger project information model.

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