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Exploring the benefits of software licence monitoring

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It’s common for organisations to lose track of what licences they have for what software, and who the users are, or are supposed to be. Yet precision in monitoring licenses can bring enormous benefits to any business.

If you would like to explore software licence monitoring, we would like to offer you a free 30-minute virtual meeting with Jeremy Vessey, IT Solutions Consultant at Symetri, to discuss:

  • What you are looking to gain from monitoring your software usage
  • Which software can we help you monitor
  • The benefits of monitoring: including avoiding unnecessary expenditure for unused licences
  • The possible issues if you don’t
  • How to manage Autodesk Flex tokens and what you need to consider
  • How to prepare for Autodesk's move from Flex to named licences
  • The types of reporting you are looking to gain.

Come to this session with any questions you may have, and Jeremy will provide you with guidance to help you make an informed decision.

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