Autodesk Inventor - Mastering The Content Centre

This course is a deep dive into the working of the Inventor Content Centre, it will show you how to add and publish your own content as well as mastering other aspects such as the materials within Inventor

Course content for Mastering the Content Centre


  • Configuration of Content Center Libraries
  • How to configure Content Center
  • How to set up Content Center with local Libraries
  • How to set up Content Center with shared Libraries
  • How to transfer libraries between desktop content and server
  • About Out-of-date Content Center user libraries

Navigation in Content Center

  • How to use Content Center filters
  • How to locate a Content Center part in the Content Center library
  • How to use Content Center favourites

About Inserting Content Center Components in Assemblies

  • How to insert a Content Center part manually
  • How to insert parts using autodrop
  • How to insert a feature from Content Center
  • How to edit placed Content Center parts
  • How to refresh standard part in assemblies
  • How to open a part from Content Center
  • Autodrop reference
  • Place, place feature, and replace from Content Center dialog box

Customised Content Center Libraries

  • How to work with Content Center categories
  • How to copy family data to a Content Center user library
  • How to create a family copy in a Content center user library
  • How to move Content Center families or categories
  • How to view or modify Content Center family tables
  • How to view or modify family properties
  • How to add or remove materials in Content Center libraries
  • How to replace the template file for a Content Center family
  • How to customise the filename for inserted Content Center components
  • How to control visibility of work features for Content Center parts
  • Content Center editor dialog box
  • Family table dialog box

Content Center Publishing and Authoring

  • Component authoring
  • How to author parts or iparts
  • How to publish a part or ipart to Content Center library
  • Publish a feature to Content Center
  • Component authoring dialog box
  • Part template parameters dialog box
  • Publish guide dialog box
  • Batch publish dialog box
  • Publish feature dialog box

Benefits of Autodesk mastering the Content Centre

You will understand how to work with the Content Centre.
Learn how to get other users using the same parts
Discover how to publish your own parts
Confident with the Assembly Modelling tools

Expected Outcome

After completing the course, you will have all the knowledge to start using Autodesk Inventor Content Centre competently. You will be able to create your own parts within it and make them available to other users. After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate 

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Expected Outcome

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