Dynamo Fundamentals for Civil 3D

This 1-day Dynamo Fundamentals for Civil 3D course is aimed at those new to Dynamo and will provide you with a basic understanding of the practical use of Dynamo when used with Civil 3D. The course will use practical examples of computational geometry as well as data extraction and manipulation.

Course content for Dynamo Fundamentals for Civil 3D

  • Overview of Dynamo - understanding what is possible
  • Understand the user interface - node library, search bar, navigation tools, your workspace 
  • Nodes, wires and ports - your building blocks for visual programming
  • Create your first Dynamo script in the first hour of your course
  • Use mathematical functions to create geometry and complex structures in your design
  • Work with lists - the backbone of Dynamo
  • Import from and export to Excel 
  • Connect Dynamo to AutoCAD and Civil 3D
  • Use Dynamo to automate setting out data in Civil 3D
  • Extract codes from a corridor and export their chainage and coordinates to Excel 
  • Create COGO points in Civil 3D on those locations 
  • Automatically create a wall with sheet piles that follows an alignment and a profile
  • Use Dynamo to add a speed table to a road corridor at certain chainages, rotating the block to ensure it follows the grade of the road
  • Program Civil 3D to insert lighting columns along a footpath of a road at regular increments
  • Reference surfaces
  • Extract levels from a surface 
  • Understand Dynamo Player - your tool for locating and running Dynamo scripts

Benefits of Dynamo for Civil 3D Training

Increase your productivity by automating repetitive tasks
You will learn how to insert objects along an alignment at specified chainages
Use Dynamo to create a setting out table for a corridor in Excel
Make your own scripts accessible to non-Dynamo users using Dynamo Player

Expected Outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to create you own Dynamo scripts, leverage the use of lists, import and export Civil 3D objects to Excel, generate and interrogate AutoCAD objects, interact with Civil 3D objects including surfaces, alignments, profiles, assemblies, corridors and COGO Points, execute Dynamo scripts directly from Civil 3D using Dynamo Player and install Dynamo Packages to extend the functionality.

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate.

Expected Outcome

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