Fusion Multi Axis Machining

This 2-day course provides you with an understanding of the capabilities of the Autodesk Machining Extension inside Autodesk Fusion. This extension includes automated 3+2 machining, 4 and 5 axis simultaneous machining, toolpath modifications, surface inspection and more.

Course Details

Day 1 – Focus on 4 axis machining operations and hole recognition.

· Recap of 3D machining operations

· Introduction to 4 axis machining operations using the rotary operations

· Using fixtures setups with 4 axis machining operations

· Introduction to collision avoidance

· Learn to use automated hole recognition for detecting holes

Day 2 – Focus on multi-axis machining operations and Inspection.

· Introduction to 5 axis operations, including swarf, advanced swarf and multi-axis finishing

· Learn how to use turn and tilt manipulators for tool orientation

· Gain knowledge of tool axis methods to avoid collisions

· Utilise toolpath modification methods including trimming, deleting, replacing tools and moving entry points

· Inspect surfaces and create inspection reports for further analysis

· Use intelligent part alignment methods during inspection routines

Benefits of Autodesk Inventor CAM - Multi-Axis Machining

Learn the fundamentals of multi-axis machining using Autodesk Fusion
Confidence gains with complex toolpath editing commands
Enhance productivity gain with a wide and valued knowledge
Understand the importance of advanced workflows

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training course, you will understand the extended workflows that are critical to adding improved performance and efficiency when machining for manufacture.

After completing the course, you will receive an Autodesk certificate of completion.

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Expected outcome


Training Enquires

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Upcoming course dates

Online Training - 2 days
Course administrator Trudie Hughes
12 August 2024 09:30 - 16:30
13 August 2024 09:30 - 16:30
Price £590

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