Revit Visualisation with Twinmotion

This two-day course is your opportunity to learn how to set up Revit to export and synchronise with Twinmotion (now free with Revit 2023). You will learn how to install and set up Twinmotion to work alongside Revit, take advantage of Twinmotion's visual tools, and use real-time rendering to create images, videos and presentations.

Course content for Revit Visualisation with Twinmotion

  • Overview of the Revit to Twinmotion workflow
  • Download and install Twinmotion
  • Download and install Datasmith for Revit connectivity
  • Understand version compatibility
  • Export to Datasmith from Revit
  • Start Twinmotion
  • Import the Datasmith file
  • Understand the Twinmotion interface:  burger menu, viewport, library, scene graph panel, toolbar, dock
  • Understand content and media export
  • Take advantage of the dock features: import, context, settings, media, export
  • Create a scene
  • Enhance your scene with materials, textures, and 3D content
  • Quickly create day, night, and seasonal views
  • Give your model an organic mood using grass, trees, vegetation, and landscaping
  • Understand the importance of Twinmotion’s environments -- add wind, rain, and snow to your model
  • See tree growth over time
  • Access Quixel Megascans -- a massive online scan library of high-resolution content
  • Appreciate the importance of object placement
  • Use your scene to create images, panoramas, animated flythroughs, and presentations
  • Virtual reality overview -- what is possible with Twinmotion

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Benefits of Revit Visualisation with Twinmotion

Set up a workflow between Revit and Twinmotion for high-end visualisations
Produce stunning visualisations with remarkable speed
Replace dull Revit content with realistic 3D effects
Create a high-end, gaming-world experience from your Revit model

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