Woodwork for Autodesk Inventor Essentials

This Woodwork for Inventor course covers the essential area's within the Woodwork add on to Inventor and gives an understanding of how it can be used within the workplace. This furniture design software package enables constructors to work more efficiently and accurately, with fewer errors, allowing them more time for creative work by automating routine tasks of digital information preparation required to start the manufacturing process. The course focuses on the generation of models adhering to typical woodwork techniques, moving through to creation and automation of drawings, BOMs, and export.

Course content for Autodesk Inventor Essentials

  • Learn how to navigate the interface for Woodwork for Inventor
  • Understand basic Woodworking techniques
  • Discover the typical woodwork for Inventor workflow
  • Gain an understanding of how to apply and modify materials within the woodwork environment
  • Further material knowledge by exploring grain direction, material refresh and edge banding
  • Learn how to attach classic woodworking joints
  • Discover how to set up drawing automation using Autoplot
  • Gain an understanding of Woodwork's Assembly copier tool
  • Learn how to export BOM's as well as modify to create cutting lists, pricing sheets and edge band documents

Benefits of Autodesk Inventor Essentials

You will use Inventor software that has been designed specifically for the joinery industry
Reduce error’s across your work by generating predefined templates and automation
Allow more time for component design by Automating procedures
Generate rich reports with a single click

Expected outcome

After completing the course, you will understand the key features of Woodwork for Inventor. You will be successfully able to create and modify a complex woodwork model, using woodwork for Inventor’s defined process, as well as generate drawings, BOM, and cutting lists.

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate

Expected outcome

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