5 Ways SMB's Can Leverage Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365

As most customers are aware, Microsoft have now expanded the availability of the Co-Pilot add-on for SMB customers who have Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Standard, and it's set to be a real game changer.

How Microsoft Co-Pilot streamlines workflows?

  1. Microsoft Co-Pilot can suggest text responses and complete sentences, or draft entire emails and presentations based upon your initial input.
  2. Microsoft Co-Pilot automates repetitive tasks and streamlines work effort by offering intelligent suggestions.
  3. Microsoft Co-Pilot provides context-aware guidance and suggestions whilst working within your Microsoft 365 applications and can significantly reduce the learning curve for new employees.
  4. Microsoft Co-Pilot can help Project Managers to develop comprehensive project plans and automate progress reports.
  5. Microsoft Co-Pilot can help Finance and Accounting teams automate data entry tasks and improve data analysis.


Getting Started with Microsoft Co-Pilot and important considerations before purchasing and implementing the add-on:

  • Ensure you on are on an eligible Microsoft 365 plan that allows co-pilot, please refer to the following link: Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365—Features and Plans | Microsoft 365
  • Check your permissions and security and what data Co-Pilot is likely to interrogate.
  • Create and define usage policies for the use of Co-Pilot and AI for your organisation.
  • Explore and experiment Co-Pilot before user adoption.
  • Prior to rolling out, it is recommended that an adoption plan is put in place for user engagement to customise responses within the Co-Pilot Studio, if required.
  • Initiate a training plan for your employees and let then let them loose.



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