Explore Symetri's range of AutoCAD Training Courses

Symetri offers a range of AutoCAD training courses which cover all areas required to become an expert Computer Aided Designer.

Explore Symetri's range of AutoCAD Training Courses

What’s more, our trainers are sympathetic to the challenges you face in learning a powerful and complex program and help make the road ahead as smooth as possible.

At Symetri, we have provided training for over 30 years. Some of us have worked in the construction industry for many years, who now pass on their skills and knowledge to our delegates on a daily basis.
Back in the day when most of our delegates were computer novices, we gained valuable knowledge on how to put the most nervous of clients at ease, so they feel comfortable in an environment more conducive to learning.

Even our new, and sometimes younger, Trainers are given the benefit of this invaluable knowledge via our own internal ‘Train the Trainer’ course to help maintain a consistent and professional delivery.

The AutoCAD training journey begins, as you would expect, with the basics in the form of either our AutoCAD Essentials or Fundamentals course. The duration is the main difference. Essentials is 3 days whereas the Fundamentals is 5 days. The AutoCAD Fundamentals training Course combines the 3-day AutoCAD Essentials Course and our 2-day AutoCAD Beyond the Basics Course. Of course, the AutoCAD Beyond the Basics course can be attended separately as is often the case.

Following on from these is really up to you. If you’d like to venture into the realms of 3D, our 3-day AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Modelling training course is the way to learn about all of AutoCAD’s 3D modelling capabilities. These include, Wireframe, Solid, Surface and Mesh modelling. We also include Visual Styles and an introduction to Rendering to bring those creations to life for your clients who struggle to understand 2D drawings.

Alternatively, if 3D isn’t the ideal path for you, we provide a 3-day AutoCAD Advanced training course. This really does take you to the next level and show you how easy it is to take advantage of the true power of AutoCAD. We teach you how to police your own company standards using the CAD Standards tool and how to translate layers from other companies’ drawings to your own company layering standard utilising the Layer Translator tool.

Take Blocks to next level by creating Dynamic Blocks. Once you see the potential of these its hard not to be impressed. We teach you how to attach data to your blocks by means of Attributes and extract this data to an AutoCAD Table or Excel Spreadsheet. This course also shows how to link Excel Spreadsheets to your AutoCAD Drawings and either update in AutoCAD and send back to the Excel Spreadsheet or vice versa.

The AutoCAD Advanced training course also teaches you how to customise AutoCAD and design new menu items and even your own commands to make the user environment more personal to your company’s own requirements and procedures. You even learn how to record repetitive actions and replay these whenever required. These are just some of the highlights of the AutoCAD Advanced Course.

So, after all that, what’s next? Well why not, when you feel ready, prove to others and potential employers how proficient you are by becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional. This requires you to take a proctored 2-hour exam and, if you pass, entitles you to digital badges and a certificate as proof of your ability.

So come on, we don’t bite. Honest. We’ll even provide refreshments and lunch.

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