Haven't got time to learn?

Haven't got time to learn?

Today, many of us must do more with less time or people, so how can we do this?

Realistically speaking, if you just carry on the same way you have always done, you won’t succeed, and will only result in more stress, and bigger “To-Do” piles on your desk.

So how should we do it properly?

The first and the best way is to become more productive!  
Now that is easier said than done, so how do we become more productive? 
It’s a simple answer really, and that is ask subject matter experts in the tools that you are using.  At Symetri we have many subject matter experts, who will gladly spend the time to investigate and then devise better methods and workflows so that you are doing the same jobs, just differently and much faster.  This can be achieved primarily through classroom training, and in each of our locations we have a dedicated training suite just waiting for you to sit down and learn.

We can also visit your site and train you there or provide more bespoke consultancy that can automate everyday tasks to make you more productive.

But “I haven’t got the time to leave my deskI hear many of you shout, well at Symetri, we have a solution for that as well.  Our dedicated Symetri E-Learning tool has a library with thousands of hours of training videos split into bitesize chunks so you can learn as you go.

In Symetri CADLearning there are videos, tutorials and assessments on all the software that you now have access to in your industry collection with more added weekly. 
You can even create playlists tailored around particular workflows.  Imagine you take on a new member of staff, and they already are reasonably proficient in Autodesk inventor, but there are several aspects of the software that are specific to your company. 
We can create playlists that cover the whole workflow, even using multiple products if necessary. So, for example, you model in Inventor, then create the production drawings.  Using those views from Inventor you need to populate an AutoCAD layout, with plan views of machinery you have just designed.  Then you need to pass all of this through to Navisworks for visualisation and clash detection.  We can create a playlist covering this, so your new member of staff can sit down on their first day following all the tutorials, without having to use anyone else’s valuable time.

Along with CADLearning comes the Desktop App, that sits in the background as you are using the software and records what commands that you are using or attempting to use.  If you are using the loft command for example and no matter how much you try, you just can’t get it work, you would switch into the Desktop App, and it will be ready for you with training videos specifically around the loft command. 
Have a look at the video as an example.

The following picture is a screengrab of the Symetri CADLearning Library, I’m sure as I am you will be amazed at just how much content is in there.




And that is just a small snippet of the topics available in the Symetri CADLearning Tools

Think of this, “The most successful people never stop learning”

Every Day Is a School Day!