Smarter Building Podcast Ep.19 - Harnessing the Cloud for Solar Park Innovation

In this special series of the Smarter Building podcast, hosts Nicole and Richard take us on a journey into the heart of innovation in construction, live from Symetri's Nordic BIM Summit in Stockholm, Sweden. In this first episode, they sit down with Josef Carlson, the Solar Park Engineering Team Leader at Svea Solar, one of Europe's leading solar companies.

Smarter Building Podcast Ep.19 - Harnessing the Cloud for Solar Park Innovation

This episode delves into the significance of cloud technology in solar park construction. Josef shares invaluable insights on transitioning from traditional file management to digital platforms like Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). He explains the benefits of using ACC, such as improved collaboration, efficient design review, and easy access to drawings on-site. Through his expertise, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the environmental and cost benefits of solar parks and the future trajectory of the solar industry's impact on construction. Additionally, Josef emphasises the importance of continuous improvement and the need to adapt to new technologies in the construction industry.

Tune in to this episode to discover how cloud technology is revolutionising solar park construction and shaping the future of sustainable building practices.

Svea Solar specialises in providing solar energy solutions in Europe, offering services related to the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties. Their goal is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable to help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

"Solar is one of the greenest ways you can produce electricity, and it's really cool with solar panels because you can do it once."


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