Smarter Building Podcast Ep.20 - VDC Experts Explain the Key to Better, Faster Construction

In this special series of the Smarter Building podcast, hosts Nicole & Richard sat down with a few of the fantastic line up of guest speakers live from Symetri's Nordic BIM Summit in Stockholm, Sweden. The second episode of this series features an engaging discussion with Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) experts Àstridur Elin Àsgeirsdottir from Per Aarsleff A/S and Ingibjörg Birna Kjartansdóttir from Istak.

Smarter Building Podcast Ep.20 - VDC Experts Explain the Key to Better, Faster Construction

Both guests share their profound insights into the world of VDC, emphasising the significance of making it accessible to all, its impact on productivity and sustainability, and the pivotal role of digital technology in the construction industry.

The duo discusses the relationship between their respective companies and how their collaborative efforts drive innovation and efficiency in their projects. Offering invaluable advice, Àstridur and Ingibjörg provide tips for those looking to break into the VDC industry, stressing the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. Tune in to hear the full conversation and gain a wealth of knowledge from these leading experts.

Per Aarsleff A/S is a leading contracting group specialising in infrastructure, climate adaptation, environment, energy, and construction projects. They focus on sustainable development, innovation, and digital tools to enhance collaboration and reduce costs.

Ístak is a prominent contractor known for managing a wide range of projects across multiple sectors. Their expertise encompasses various construction projects, power plants, large-scale industrial developments, earthworks, civil engineering, harbour construction, and the building of roads and bridges.

"Some of the biggest innovation is not the best product... it’s not always about the quality it’s how you implement it."



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