Ways to leverage Microsoft 365's new AI innovations

Microsoft have been adding some wonderful innovations which sit inside tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Teams. These smart Copilot features can enhance the users experience and productivity, so for those not in the know, here are some ways to take advantage of the benefits offered by Microsoft Co-Pilot.

Speed Up Documentation Creation

Microsoft Copilot provides intelligent suggestions helping users to articulate their thoughts more effectively. It enables the speeding up of the writing process and helps to ensure that content is clear, concise and tailored to the audience.

Enhance the Teams Meeting Experience

Microsoft Copilot in Teams can create coherent and context aware responses, such as providing a summary of meeting notes and actions.

Creation of PowerPoint Presentations with Ease

The AI features in PPT can create a slide deck based upon prompts and including images.

Excel Smart Business Insights

Excel ideas will automatically detect patterns and trends in the data and will suggest charts, tables and summaries that best suit your needs.

Outlook’s AI Help to Save Time

Microsoft Copilot in Outlook will summarise key points of an email to save yourself reading time. It will also help write emails and even suggest the type of response to emails in your inbox.

To Summarise

Although AI is still in its infancy, it is here to stay. Its new innovations pave the way for a more efficient work environment and over time it will only become more powerful, so we would be foolish not to jump on the bandwagon and embrace it to help boost productivity and stay competitive. Microsoft Standard and Business Premium customers now have access to purchase Co-Pilot.