What's New in Autodesk Civil 3D 2025?

Our Consultant, Enrique Barriuso, provides an overview of the new features, improvements, and updates in Autodesk Civil 3D 2025:


A reduced surface level of detail can be set from the contextual ribbon, prospector, or the right click menu when working with drawings with large surfaces. Commands are also available to set the level of detail for a particular surface or for all surfaces from the command line (AllSurfaceLODLow, AllSurfaceLODHigh, SurfaceLODLow, SurfaceLODHigh). It can also be accessed through the .NET API (Surface.IsLevelOfDetailEnabled, SettingsSurface.Defaults.LevelOfDetail).

The performance has been improved when zooming and panning a drawing containing surfaces in conceptual and shaded mode; when regenerating contours during surface creation, while editing or changing the surface style, when extracting contours from a surface, or when opening a drawing. Another improvement is that a surface will not be updated if there is no change in the geometry (e.g. changing the surface name or description).


A new corridor creation workflow allows easy selection of multiple feature lines and alignments simultaneously, and the corresponding profiles and/or assemblies. You can apply filters to show feature lines by name, style, layer, or site.

The performance has been improved when accessing the corridor property dialog, switching between their tabs, or exiting the dialog when clicking OK or cancel. These improvements also apply when accessing those tabs independently from the contextual corridor tab of the ribbon. The performance of deselecting a corridor surface in the corridor properties or the surface properties dialog has also been increased.

Building corridor surfaces is now 3 to 4 times faster than in previous versions. In addition, the AeccFastCorridorSurfaceBuild drawing variable can control the methods of building a corridor surface. A value of 0 is normal generation and a value of 1 will generate the surface faster at the cost of visual fidelity.

Corridor regeneration efficiency has improved when accessing section view editor, editing alignments and profiles of baselines of a corridor, regeneration of corridor feature lines, region grip editing and using the split region and the merge region commands.

Coordinate System and Geolocation

The new GEOCSASSIGN command opens a dialog to assign the coordinate system and vertical datum. New high resolution ESRI maps have also been added for the geolocation feature.

Dynamo for Civil 3D

The Dynamo core version has been upgraded to Dynamo 3.0.3. The new package manager dialog provides a single location where you can search for packages and look at their details and settings, publish a package and consult the list of installed and uploaded packages. You can also filter packages based on if they have dependencies or not.

It is now possible to search nodes by category by adding a period between the category and the node name, in part or in full. The watch node has improved readability for multi-line text, with scroll bars being visible by default and a resize handle to increase the size of the text window. Two new nodes have been introduced: Gate and Remember. The Gate node allows data to pass through when open and outputs null when closed. A Remember node outputs data from a previous successful run of the script if the input is null or allows data to pass through otherwise. For all nodes, if the inputs are outside of the currently selected modelling range, an info state rather than a warning state will show.


  • Civil 3D now supports .NET 8
  • The system variable ISAVEPERCENT now defaults to 50, which improves drawing save performance at the cost of a potentially larger file size.
  • Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2024.1 supports the 2025 versions of Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D.
  • AutoCAD commands have been integrated into the Civil 3D ribbon.
      • Insert tab - Location panel - Set Location - From Esri Maps / From Bing maps / From File
      • Manage tab - Performance panel - Performance Analyzer
      • Annotate tab - Text panel - Use Current (override)
      • View tab - Review panel - DWG Compare
      • View tab - History panel - Activity Insights
      • Home tab - Clipboard panel - Cut with Base Point / Copy with Base Point
      • Analyze tab - Inquiry panel - Quick




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