What's New in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2025

In the new Autodesk Inventor Professional 2025 release, Autodesk has looked to improve performance and address everyday design challenges. This blog details some of the new features.

Here are some of the notable enhancements: 

Patterning Enhancements: 

Patterns in both the sketch and part environment now offer the ability to select a boundary, allowing for patterns only within a specified area. This feature provides users with greater precision during the patterning process. 

Finish Feature Overhaul: 

The finish feature has undergone substantial improvements, including enhancements to selection priority and integration with the derive feature. Additionally, accessibility has been improved as users now have the option to disable parameter export and display extended names. 

Modernised Sheet Metal Environment: 

The sheet metal environment has been modernized, with face, flange, and cut operations transitioning to the new dockable system, streamlining the workflow for sheet metal design. 

Bounding Cylinders in Derive and Make Part Dialogues: 

A highly requested feature, bounding cylinders, and oriented bounding cylinders have been included in both the derive and make part dialogue boxes, as well as in the simplify area, enhancing functionality and versatility. 

Enhancements to iLogic Functionality: 

Inventor 2025 introduces a new event trigger to iLogic functionality, enabling the execution of rules before vault check-in. Additionally, users now have the ability to inspect for malicious code and access new snippets to facilitate working with Model States. 

Graphics and Software performance monitoring: 

Several general enhancements have been implemented, including the addition of a support add-in tool to monitor software performance, improved graphics options with better selection priority, and a tool to display each component or part in different colours, allowing visibility of different components. 

Revit File Conversion: 

For users converting to Revit files and families, a new feature allows for sending files to a specific version of Revit, enabling back-saving functionality and facilitating compatibility with different versions. 

Transition to .NET Core 8.0: 

A significant change in this release is Autodesk's transition to .NET Core 8.0 across the range. This transition will impact custom add-ins and applications linking to these products. The move is aimed at enhancing connection improvements to other Autodesk platforms and mobile apps, as well as enabling the use of advanced language features. 

Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect from Inventor 2025


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