What's New in Autodesk Vault 2023

In this blog post, our Application Specialist Jason Kelly provides an overview of the new features and updates in Vault 2023, covering:

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Autodesk Vault 2023 is now live and with this release comes a host of new features and updates. This new functionality ranges across all areas of Vault including updates to CAD add-ins, the vault client, and the ADMS console

First of all, Windows 11 is now supported to host a vault basic server. This enables users to get the latest machines and upgrade existing ones to align with new Microsoft technology.

User Interface

New UI themes have also been introduced to align with the new colour schemes in Autodesk Inventor. Under ‘tools’ > ‘options’ sits a new drop-down menu that will allow the choice of a dark, light, or default theme which can be customised per user.

Continuing in the options, in 2022.1 a new feature was introduced to include the use of the Autodesk online viewer, this has been built into Vault giving more high-quality tools available. These tools include explode, a more advanced measure tool, and section views. The main new tool available, and now with full functionality in the 2023 release, is the markup tool. Markup is a highly sought after array of tools that will allow both CAD and non-CAD users to highlight and keep a history of any changes or notes that are required. This new functionality also works with previously generated ECO’s and viewing features are available within the thin client. It is going to be very useful for companies looking to create an approval workflow directly within Vault, it will keep consistency and make everything easier using only one tool for the lifecycle and markups process.

A further option that has been added is the ability to always open using Inventor read-only mode. This feature will allow non CAD users who are previewing files to always open using the read-only version of Inventor even if a dwf hasn’t been published.

Moving into the client and the customize view tab has been enhanced as it is now available in a number of new areas. These areas are Change State, Change Revision, Change Category, Pack and Go, Synchronize Properties and Undo Check Out.

Instance properties was a new tool created in Inventor 2022. This was not supported in Vault 2022, however, in 2023 support has now been included with Items and the Item Bill of Materials.

AutoCAD Vault add-in

The AutoCAD vault add-in has also had some features added to it, this will prove very popular with regular users. Firstly you can now directly access ‘Show Details’ from within AutoCAD. This tool will give users direct access to the history, and where the relationships of the file are within Vault. This is going to be a major time saver switching between the software. As is the second new tool added to the vault add-in, ‘Go to Vault Folder’. This will open up the client directly and take users straight to the folder, this is especially useful if you have a complex folder structure.

Vault Gateway

Finally, the Vault gateway has been introduced. This is a tool that can be managed and configured from the ADMS console. The Vault gateway will enable users to secure direct access to the vault without the use of a VPN connection, onsite network connection or any open inbound network ports. This tool is not only going to be useful for remote workers but any company working with a 3rd party and will allow them to connect from three versions back starting with the 2022.1 release.

Watch the video below to see these new features in action:


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