What's New in Civil 3D 2021?

This blog outlines 4 new features and updates you will find in Civil 3D 2021:

What's New in Civil 3D 2021?


Dynamo is installed by default with Civil 3D, rather than being a separate install as was the case in Civil 3D 2020.

Pressure Network Layout and Editing

  • The concept of pipe runs has been introduced, which can be added to a pressure network.
  • New method to create pressure pipe networks or pipe runs by path, which will link the network dynamically to an alignment and allow to modify it using grips.
  • Option to create a pipe run from objects, which allows to convert a pressure network that was created by layout into a path based pipe run.
  • Fittings are not automatically inserted between a straight and a curved pipe, provided they are tangential.
  • The contextual tab for the pressure network in the ribbon will stay even if you deselect the pressure network. A close button is provided in the ribbon.
  • Tool to add a branch fitting in the contextual ribbon, which will choose the correct sizes for the tee or cross junction based on the diameters of the pipes. It also lets you choose which pipe elevation to use if the pipes are initially crossing at different levels.
  • New ‘Cut length’ method to provide elevations to a pressure network based on a reference profile and a cover distance. This option will follow the profile smoothly rather than just assigning levels at the start and end positions of the pipes, where the fittings are.

Corridor Interoperability with InfraWorks

  • New option to insert a Civil 3D corridor into Infraworks as a Corridor Component Road, matching the assemblies and codes from Civil 3D in Infraworks.
  • New mapping tools in InfraWorks to map materials and object types to the corridor data and test that the corridor is correctly imported into InfraWorks. The previous corridor workflow (using coverages) is also supported.


  • A Bridges collection has been added to Toolspace in Prospector and Settings.
  • An Infraworks bridge can be exported to Civil 3D using "Publish Civil Structure", "Export to IMX" or from the InfraWorks sqlite model.
  • Bridge components (Abutment, Deck, Girder, Generic Objects, Pier and Foundation) are added into customized layers when imported.
  • Imported bridges can be reloaded, deleted and information checked.
  • Bridge components can be projected to profile views
  • Profile view label sets (containing label styles for each bridge component type) are available

Watch our video below to see these new features in action.

Note: the below video was created by Excitech prior to becoming Symetri in January 2021, following its acquisition by Addnode Group. All Excitech products, services and solutions mentioned in this recording are available through Symetri.


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