What's New in Civil 3D 2022?

In this article, we are going to give an overview of the new features and updates in Civil 3D 2022.

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This year’s new release of Civil 3D includes improvements in two main areas: alignments and connected alignments, as well as some minor upgrades to the pressure pipe creation workflow and the ArcGIS Connector.

Connected Alignments

In previous versions of Civil 3D, we were very limited when it came to the creation of connected alignments as there were no options to select or modify the curve type. This year Autodesk have added the ability to set a curve group type with a wide range of curve groups available. We are also able to offset the connected alignment which wasn’t possible in previous versions. With the addition of a handy preview button, you can see the connected alignment whilst the dialog box remains open, which allows us to visualise the design and make amendments depending on the preview.

If there is no solution to the input curve parameters, Civil 3D now includes an ‘auto-fit’ feature that will automatically adjust the parameters to create a solution for the selected curve type. There have also been some minor improvements to the choice of curve when it comes to the connected profile - we can now choose between a ‘parabola’ and a ‘circular curve’ profile curve type.


The second main area of improvement this year has come in the selection of curve group types when creating alignments. Three new curve group types have been added which are useful when joining to or from an existing curve.

  • Free Reverse Spiral-Curve-Spiral-Spiral can be used when moving from a tangent to a curve.
  • Free Reverse Spiral-Spiral-Curve-Spiral can be used when moving from a curve to a tangent.
  • Free Reverse Spiral-Spiral-Curve-Spiral-Spiral can be used when moving between two curves.

Users of previous versions of Civil 3D may struggle to edit the new curve groups so Autodesk has also included a command to convert the curve group into individual entities that will have fixed geometry. This is also useful if you want to just edit a part of the curve group.

Pressure Pipe Creation Workflow

Autodesk have made some upgrades to the pressure pipe creation workflow when creating the network ‘by path’. You are now able to toggle on or off the compass that indicates the angles of available joints within the chosen pressure network catalogue. You are also able to toggle on and off the snap which will snap to the angles. In Civil 3d’s 2022 release, Autodesk have also included a profile tab with the contextual ribbon when a pressure pipe network that has been created ‘by path’ is selected. This new ribbon includes two commands, one to add network parts to a profile and the second to open up the pipe run profile settings.

We are now also able to add spanning labels to pressure pipe networks whereas in previous versions of Civil 3D we could only add these to gravity pipe networks.

ArcGIS Connector:

Autodesk’s Civil 3D 2022 version includes the following upgrades to the ArcGIS connector:

  • Added the ability to configure the resolution for each raster layer to be imported into Civil 3D from ArcGIS or refreshed from ArcGIS.
  • Added the ability to configure the resolution for the ArcGIS raster layer to be refreshed.
  • Extended the list of resolution levels for importing ArcGIS raster data from 19 levels to 23 levels.

Watch our video below to see these new features in action.

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