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NIS Limited

NIS Limited is an engineering organisation providing bespoke, and pragmatic, design and manufacturing services to a range of clients across a broad range of markets. The services that NIS provides include aluminium welding, mechanical handling plant and equipment, nuclear glovebox containment, research and development test rigs, special purpose machines, automated assembly lines and cells, the integration, tooling and programming of robots, and fabrication.

The company works for a wide variety of prestigious clients on some of the world's most complex engineering projects, from cleaning up nuclear legacies to developing the next generation of security scanning products.

Upgrading the upgrade process
With a significant public sector contract in its preparatory stages, NIS defined the need for far more cross-discipline internal collaboration than most of its projects usually called for. The new project would require some 40 specialists – from mechanical and electrical, control, and instrumentation (EC&I) design, to stress engineers, manufacturing, and software engineers – able to share and modify designs and models with the same software version.

To drive consistency across the many users involved, a one-off large-scale CAD upgrade was needed. Such a project could potentially involve thousands of installations. The actions required quickly mount up when you multiply the numbers of users by the variety and numbers of applications – Autodesk apps including Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, Navisworks, to name a few – multiplied by the associated service packs.

Approaching each user’s requirements in the traditional fashion, treating each app as a separate standalone installation, would normally take at least ten days. For NIS it would have required over 600 installations. Just the upgrade process alone would have seriously impacted business as usual. Symetri’s CQ™ installer (CQi) took just four hours to do the same job, but better.

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  • Ensure seamless collaboration across a multi-disciplined team
  • All applications were being run as separate, standalone installations
  • A complex matrix of applications and service packs
  • PCs were locked down by the IT team (security)
  • Working from home meant connecting via a VPN; slowing down numerous essential processes



  • A smoother and faster upgrade
  • CQi ‘wraps’ each product, groups them, ensures correct installation sequence, and ensure a one-click installation for each user
  • Reduced load across VPN by zipping the files rather than streaming thousands of small files
  • Allows the install to run as an administrator account, avoiding machine lock-down restrictions



  • Meeting the requirements of the new contract, with no disruption
  • Complete CAD upgrade across multiple disciplines and more than 40 users
  • Reduced weekend work for NIS internal IT team
  • A potential 10-day interruption to the business taken care of in less than four hours

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