ON-DEMAND RECORDING - How can Twinmotion support owner/occupiers supporting refurbishments, walk through views and more

Twinmotion, allows users to easily bring their ideas to life by creating high-quality visual concepts. Visualisations can be created as photorealistic stills and animation to compelling immersive VR to offer their stakeholders a better understand of a project.

Owner/occupiers can sometimes manage large space and from time to time these spaces may need some adjustments.

Twinmotion allows for these changes to be planned, different options can be considered, therefore reduce errors and reduce costs.


This webinar looks at:

  • How you can plan for refurbishment projects
  • How to establish a 3D model of a shop floor to visualise layout changes
  • Ways to plan for aesthetical changes
  • How you can plan fire escapes
  • Walk through views of rooms and buildings
  • Discover possible line of sight issues in space planning