Monitoring Software Licences with CQFlexMon

Being able to monitor your software licences can bring extensive benefits to any business. It is common for organisations to lose track of what licences they have for what software, and who the users are, or are supposed to be.

Symetri's software, CQFlexMon is a software monitoring solution. It gives you the tools to monitor software assets so you can track usage, ensure vendor licence compliance, control costs, and finally weed out those problems that may well be tucked deep within your software portfolio. CQFlexMon gives you control and visibility across all your licences—from Autodesk, to Microsoft, to any other vendor product in an executable file.

Below are several short videos to see it in action:

Monitoring software usage with CQFlexMon

In this short video, Jeremy Vessey, IT Solutions Consultant at Symetri, looks at why people come to Symetri to understand their software licence usage and introduces CQFlexMon, Symetri's software licence monitoring tool, to explain how the solution can help increase visibility and manage your licences more effectively.

Setting up the configurator

This video explains how to set up the configurator for CQFlexMon, which will help you gether valueable information about the software licence usage within your business.

Licence Monitor Module

The Licence Monitor module looks at the information picking up from CQFlexMon, where we have been monitoring licence managers such as flexlm servers. This video looks at the kind of information and reporting you can gain.

Licence Usage Module

CQFlexMon helps our customers monitor their licence usage to allow them to make informed decisions. The Licence Usage module provides indepth information of who is using what software product.

Application Usage Monitor Module

The Application Usage Monitor module is where we receive information from monitoring executable files.

SAM Module

The SAM module enables you to understand your Autodesk compliance status based on your subscription, by scanning the endpoints and uploading the data into the CQFlexMon database.

Manage Autodesk Module

Manage Autodesk Module allows you to gain a full understanding of your company's utilisation of Autodesk Named User offerings and streamline the administration of Single-User Subscription and/or Flex Tokens.