On-Demand Webinar | What's New in Inventor 2025

In this on-demand video, we explore the new features within Autodesk Inventor 2025

Autodesk Inventor 2025 release has enhancements that improve performance and address everyday design challenges. We focus on some of the key areas during this webinar.


This webinar covers the following updates:


  • Enhancements in patterning (both feature and sketching)
  • Finish Feature
  • Modernisation of Sheet Metal tools
  • Integration of Bounding Cylinder
  • Improvements in iLogic functionality


  • Graphics enhancements for better visualisation
  • Enhanced Revit interoperability and improved IFC support
  • Introduction of Performance Feedback Recorder
  • Implementation of Cell Merging feature in Tables


  • Jason Kelly - Applications Engineer, Symetri

  • Graham Harrison - Principal Consultant, Symetri