Autodesk University 2021

Autodesk University is the design and make conference for innovators everywhere. Join us on Thursday, 7th to Friday, 8th October 2021.

Autodesk University 2021

Join us on our booth during Autodesk University's Digital Conference and sign up for our 30 minute product demo's on Thursday and Friday. These sessions will comprise of a 10 minute live solution demo followed by a brief Q&A.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with any of our speakers after the sessions to discuss what was demonstrated in more detail. If this is something that you would be interested in, please feel free to send them a connection request via their profiles. 


Timesavers in Revit with Naviate

With Naviate by Symetri you have support for your work with easy to use functionality in Revit. The core functionality that comes as part of Naviate really sits within the workflow optimisation pillar. Meaning you a an user can be more effective, trusting the information and avoid a lot of manual tedious methods in your day-to-day work. There’s 100+ features to support you in Revit.

Join us to see an overview of a few favourites most used by our customers – timesavers to be used every day, if you are an Architect, Engineer, Landscaper or working with Interior design.

Session Details:

Date: Thursday, 7th October 2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm (UK)
Thorbjörn Hoverberg, Application Engineer Revit Architecture, Symetri

Thorbjörn HoverbergREGISTER HERE

How can I automate Vault without being a coder?

Why do we use lifecycle states in vault? Because we want to track where in the process our design is, in line with our business process, and allow others access to those designs at the right time. Typically though our state change indicates that other functions need to happen, such as translations, notifications, and general information distribution to all required stakeholders.

Often an admin overhead that impacts our time available for innovation, Vault can be customised to automatically trigger and take care of these mundane tasks for you. The only problem is you have to be a coder to put these in place and, once in place, further code change may be needed when your processes need to change. Sovelia Vault offers the best of both worlds; A configurable add in to vault that any competent administrator can adjust and use. It offers the automation to recover that design time, but without the shackles of holding you back when your processes evolve.

Session Details:

Date: Friday, 8th October 2021
Time: 09:00 am  - 09:30 am (UK)
Graham Harrison, Principal Consultant, Manufacturing - UK, SymetriGraham Harrison

After many years in the manufacturing industry designing and managing control system projects for clients, Graham has transferred his knowledge and experience to helping other businesses apply the same principles and processes to achieve improvement. Having studied both IT and Engineering Graham is ideally placed to understand customer objectives and goals and how to apply and adapt commercial IT solutions to achieve those.


Efficient deployment, Update and Configuration of CAD products with CQI

Updating CAD machines is always a time consuming tasks for any IT team. Installing CAD packages, updates and customisation in the right order, removing old versions whilst maintaining security on the machines has always been a challenge. Many have founds this has been further compounded during the pandemic with home working making the logistics of upgrading a very long drawn out process.

Symetri's CQi solution allows CAD packages to be deployed out quickly and efficiently to office and home based users with a flexible and tailored experience. Today, more than 20,000 CAD installations are performed yearly and regularly updated via CQi. This session will look at this solution and the advantages over normal implementation methodologies whether you are a SME or large Enterprise business.

Session Details:

Date: Friday, 8th October 2021
Time: 12:00 pm  - 12:30 pm (UK)
Christopher Atherton, Consulting Services Manager - UK, Symetri

Chris Atherton

Managing the UK's Product Design & Lifecycle consulting service team, Chris oversees the development and implementation of detailed IT and engineering solutions for clients using Autodesk & Symetri products, outsourced solutions, or proprietary tools/techniques.

Chris has a proven track record for delivering results that come from auditing businesses and management processes, working with key stakeholders, defining client needs, developing proposals and plans to meet those needs, as well as overseeing the implementation of the complete project solution.


Sovelia Visualizer. multiuser VR and AR instantly from Inventor

Using VR and AR when designing products is not only for the visual appearance. With VR we can test the product in scale 1:1 and have our customers get a feel for the machinery before we start to manufacture physical objects. Getting feedback early in the process from all stakeholders will shorten the development time and reduce misunderstandings. With Sovelia Visualizer you can go from Inventor to VR and AR in seconds. Sharing your models with everyone who needs access and collaborate in real-time in VR and AR.

Session Details:

Date: Friday, 8th October 2021
Time: 2:00 pm  - 2:30 pm (UK)
Martin Saldert, Visualisation expert, Symetri

Martin Saldert


Martin has been working in the High-end visualisation and VR area since 1998.




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